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I help startups & ecommerce businesses consistently hit 6-7 figues with my services & digital SaaS products

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Web Development

Is your business a scaleup SaaS that needs additional help on the development side? Our service can help you build up massive revenue generating features

Shopify Development

Are you a budding ecom brand looking to consistantly hit 6-7 figure revenue yearly? We offer every kind of Shopify store and app development to assist you on the way there.

SEO & Digital Marketing

If you need to scale your operation up & get your offering infront of more customers, we can help you develop a winning online marketing strategy tailored to your brand values.

Website & Content Management

Sign up to our service & you won't need to worry about paying extra to keep your site working and up to date. This frees your time to work on your business.


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Alfie was a great addition to the ClearScore team. I was impressed by Alfie's level of engagement. I would recommend Alfie

Alfie is an expert frontend developer. He helped develop and maintain the Tesco Grocery website, always coaxing the best from us. I recommend Alfie to any prospective client.

This year has been turbulent & required a no. of features to be delivered in record time. ClearScore Resove & the Covid-hub. Alfie [Waterwhipped labs] was key to getting these both launched

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Intro to Accessibility

Intro to Accessibility

I want to give you an intro to web accessibility. Its easy to forget not all our users have 20/20 vision and nimble dexterity...